Helderberg Animal Rescue Team is a registered NPO.  PBO.

We are a group of volunteers who all have normal day jobs and famiies. We take in many, many puppies and kittens from all over the Western Cape especially the smaller towns who do not have shelters and very little chance of finding homes for these babies. We do not have kennels, we are a FOSTER based rescue which means that we have the puppies and kittens in our homes and in foster homes. We can share posts to find homes for adult dogs and cats but we cannot take them in unless we are able to find foster homes - this is almost always impossible.

We hold weekly adoption days in Somerset West, pop in and meet the team and cuddle a puppy or kitten.  Please check our event page for dates and venues.

We also help the animals in various poor communities in the Helderberg area, our primary aim is to provide support and guidance to pet owners in these communities. Every second Saturday’s a team of volunteers goes into these areas and provides food, bowls, leads, collars, toys, blankets, kennels, education, deworming, dipping and primary medical care. We love to have volunteers join us.

Our goal is to sterilise and vaccinate all of the animals in these areas and to assist their owners with the help of funding and donations from the public. We cannot take every chained up dog we encounter as we do not have anywhere to put them, 25% of all dogs we encounter are chained during the day while their owners are at work for their own safety, we try to educate owners about installing runners or fencing. Please come with us and see for yourselves why and understand that we do try and help improve the quality of lives of these dogs.

We value public support and input. We are also not always on Facebook as we are busy at work etc. Please be patient.

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