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Adoption fee - R950


Flea treatment

Testing for Feline Leukaemia and Feline Aids, every cat individually or the mother cat in the case of small kittens

The first vaccination  - all kittens require two vaccinations one at 8 weeks old and one 4 weeks later then every year thereafter. Please check the vaccination book for the due dates.


Micro Chip – registered with Get Me Known

 Sterilisation at 5 months for males or earlier for female kittens  (we will contact you to arrange) this is not negotiable

Adoption fee - R1000


Flea and tick treatment

The first vaccination – all puppies require 3 vaccinations once a month from 6 weeks old and every year thereafter. Please check the vaccination book for the due dates.

Micro Chip - registered with Get Me Known

Sterilisation at 5 to 6 months for puppies (we will contact you to arrange) this is not negotiable.



No adult animal will leave our care unsterilised, in the case of kittens and puppies, we will contact you to arrange their sterilization this is not negotiable.

Please ensure that the vaccinations are kept up to date.

All puppies MUST be sterilised by the age of 6 months.  Kittens MUST BE sterilised before 5 months of age.

Adoption applications will only be processed upon receipt of the application. No animal will be booked before an application has been received.

In order to meet the potential adoptee in the foster home, we will inform the foster parents about the visit beforehand.

A pre-adoption home visit will be conducted before an application to adopt is approved. This enables the adopter and the organisation to ask any questions regarding the animal or the process and to ensure the animal will be homed to the environment best suited to him/her.


We don’t adopt out animals to homes with other unsterilised animals without a valid reason for not being sterilised, we are happy to assist with sterilising other pets at welfare rates.


The adoption fee is payable on or before collection, EFT or cash payment to be made once the adoption is approved.  The adoption fees in not refundable.

We will not approve any adoption intended as a gift.


Cats and kittens must be collected in a cat carrier and dogs on a harness/leash.


 We prefer feeding vet brand pet food, no supermarket foods.


If for any reason you can no longer keep the adopted pet, you must contact us and we will help re-home.

Kittens and puppies younger than 6 months will not be adopted to homes where there is no supervision during the day or other cat/dog friends to play with. Kittens under 6 months must either be adopted in pairs or go to homes with playmates.


As we take the responsibility of our rescues very seriously, we have to ensure their best interests are always taken into account.

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